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    December 3, 2014   Cheers to you, Tyler.

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    September 22, 2014   We're taking a little detour from the music on this Monday morning to shout out a writer who has a lot of great things to say.

  • 5 Everyday Tasks Where Music Increases Productivity

    August 11, 2014   Alright, it's time to be honest with ourselves - music is distracting. If you're still in denial about this, then you're probably still finishing that report that was due 3 weeks ago. When it comes to listening to music, you must pick and choose your battles. For me, I know that when I write and listen to music simultaneously, the only words that will fill my page are the lyrics of the song.  So instead, I listen to my music as often as I can in environments where multi-tasking is possible and productivity is increased by my "tuneage." Working Out (shower) The first one, well two since they go together, is the ever-daunting workout followed by a relaxing shower. See, I could go to the gym without music in my ear, but then I would be surrounded by a symphony of unpleasant grunts and misplaced sex noises. Now with music, my workout suddenly inhabits a state of clarity where the motivational lyrics of my favorite musicians give me new motivation to conquer the last mile. Finally, music in your post-workout shower will change your life. Not only can you sing along to your favorite artist with out relentless humiliation, but you get to clean yourself in the process! Chores There isn't anything I hate more than sweeping the living room and doing dishes to the noise of obnoxious neighbors or blaring sirens. But as soon as I turn on Marvin Gaye and get in a state of soul filled OCD, all of the sudden the sinks empty and my floor's cleaner than a Pine Sol commercial. Repetitive Tasks At some point or another, you will be working a job that requires you to do mindless repetitive task, and you will lose your head unless you find something, anything, to make it bearable. Music! Insert your earbuds, blast your newest jam, and that repetitive, boring, devilish, unbearable task will suddenly be less cumbersome, and you may even find yourself working at double the rate.  Cooking   The only thing sweeter than the aromas of a delicious meal, is when its accompanied by the multiplatinum EDM artist Skrillex. Ok, well maybe not Skrillex, but music can definitely enhance the quality of the cooking and dining experience. The orchestral vibrations of Bach's Fifth Symphony can set the mood for a romantic evening, or maybe even inspire the extra dash of Tapatio you've been holding off on all these years. Music creates adventure, and with cooking that is never (sometimes) a bad thing.  Travel   The older we get, the more time we spend alone. Whether it be waiting in stop-and-go traffic or simply skateboarding to class, the world can be a lonely place. But it doesn't have to be! Taking the time to pick a song that fits your mood, can cut the perceived travel time in half - what felt like four hours before, now only feels like four minutes. Even if it isn't actually more productive, it at least feels a like less of a waste of time. By: Ben Slavich