Take Advice from the “Taxi Man” Who Inspired Brika’s Most Intimate Single Yet


Sometimes the words we need to hear find us in the most peculiar ways. Possibly a profound lyric you've never heard before in your old favorite song, a meaningful quote in a fortune cookie, or even the heartfelt advice of a stranger. Inspired by the words of an unassuming taxi driver, singer-songwriter Brika captures a bitter-sweet moment of clarity in her highly-awaited single, "Taxi Man," released Sept. 21.

The track begins with a recording of the very moment that inspired the song, featuring the casual yet poignant counseling of a local Miami taxi driver. Following the musings of her mentor, Brika breaks into a stream of consciousness accompanied by simple chord changes, during which she comes clean to a past or present love with the difficult feelings that the taxi man urged her to share. 

As the song progresses, Brika is backed by a dreamy chorus of voices and a relaxed, stripped-down beat, which highlights her simultaneously light yet deeply soulful vocals. With splashes of jazzy riffs on the organ, wooden wind chimes, and a hint of Latin-inspired guitar, Brika showcases her wide array of sonic shades and knack for charming the ears of her listeners.

Take a listen to "Taxi Man" above and be sure to check out our exclusive All Eyes On interview and live performance with Brika herself!