#TBT Things We Love: Tove Lo's 'Truth Serum'

With a dramatic flair, she smears her destroyed eyeliners and drugs all over the pop arena, lacerating the image of the classic, sweet pop girl. Tove Lo does not paint the PG-13 version of love, but the gut wrenching and unpolished side of it that she has faced. Using narcotics, admitting her flaws, and bumming out on her ballads - it’s no wonder why she labels her work as "Dirrrrty POP!" on her Facebook page. It’s a purely uncensored confession of her breakup and emotions.

If you don’t know her already, you will soon.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Tove Lo started as a songwriter composing pieces for other artists, including Icona Pop’s "We Got the World.” While she got numerous offers from Sweden's Pop Idol, she rejected them feeling that contemporary pop was too cute for her. Instead she followed her visceral desire to build an album that showed the sincere lesions in her heart.

Tove Lo's first EP, Truth Serum, was launched on March 3rd. The entire album roots back to one nasty breakup she went through, but rather than taking a Kelly-Katy focus on the bright overcoming part, she addresses the brutal coping part. We see her engaging in taboo behavior getting high in "Habits" and acknowledging her mistakes in "Over." There is always an awareness of impending solitude in her tracks - we feel it during the silent verses when she moans hopelessly and during the gusting choruses when she cries ragingly. Her account is accompanied by resonant drums and keyboards all throbbing like a bruised heart. Think about Selena Gomez' voice and Pink's fury commingled into a self-saboteur, femme maverick - that's what Tove Lo sounds like.  

Catch Tove Lo this summer in the U.S. before she goes global opening for Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour in Australia. Make sure to also check out Lea Michele's "Thousand Needles" and Cher Lloyd's "Killin It" - the Swedish rebel herself wrote all of them this year. See if you can trace them back to her feistiness powering Truth Serum.   

By: Sun Jung