TeaMarrr Spills the Tea in Riveting New Video for “One Job”


Photo: Tyren Redd

Haitian-American singer-songwriter TeaMarrr is an artist of distinct vision. Though a fresh face on the music scene, she already has developed an overarching theme and concept to her project, and you guessed it – it all boils down to tea.  

Let's start with her name, TeaMarrr, an acronym that stands for Totally Enthused About Making Really Really Raw art, ranging from music to fashion and everything in between. Her goal is to heal with the rawest elements, like the healing properties of tea, she aims to soothe your soul through her music by creating songs that make people feel good.  

As a female, it's hard to not feel good and more importantly empowered after listening to her tune "One Job," which chronicles a scathing, "drop the mic" worthy confrontation when a relationship goes south in the face of dishonesty. A bop that mixes elements of hip hop, R&B, & '30s swinging jazz, co-written by Kareem James and produced by Wicks, the jaw dropper is brought to new heights by its accompanying video, released on Nov. 16.   


A cinematic masterpiece, TeaMarrr stuns with her first VEVO official video directed by Emmy-nominated actor, writer, and director James Bland, costarring fellow Haitian-American actor Jean Elie from HBO's Insecure, and comedian/internet sensation LaLa Milan. The video is a must-see, proving that TeaMarrr is a bona fide triple threat.    

Our story begins with TeaMarrr's iconic teacup and the discovery of an incriminating lipstick stain adorning the otherwise perfect piece of china. As the story progresses Elie's character is caught texting the alleged owner of the lipstick stain, which eventually bursts into a heated confrontation between the two in their native tongue (Creole), showcasing TeaMarrr's impressive acting chops. Each shot throughout the four minute and 22-second long video is a perfectly painted picture, from TeaMarrr serenading us in a bathtub flooded with blue lights and glowing with golden highlighter to her team of female muses getting down in artsy synchronicity. With too many eye-candy moments to mention, we guarantee that you'll immediately be pressing repeat on this aesthetic wonder.

"One Job" is the first single off TeaMarrr's upcoming full-length album titled Tea Turns to Wine, which also coincides with her reoccurring "tea" motif, resembling her coming into maturity as a person and a writer. TeaMarrr expanded on this concept telling The Glow Up, "My stuff became so much more magical in the sense that I finally know who I am. You could say I've matured from tea to wine." 

Check out the video below and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more tea-inspired magic from this goddess in the very near future!