Tessa Violet’s “Bad Ideas” May Just Be Her Best Idea Yet


There is a remarkably candid sincerity to Tessa Violet's approach to artistry. One look at the YouTube vlogger turned songwriter's bio, with its honest mention of how she first came to pick up the guitar and a list of her favorite artists, reads more like that of your passionate friend's confessional than that of the mythical, larger-than-life artists we have come to expect. And with her latest single, "Bad Ideas," Violet has turned her confessional approach of storytelling into her best idea yet.

"Bad Ideas" marks the first release since Violet's previous single "Crush," which quickly turned into a viral hit on YouTube. While the new single explores much of the same thematic territory as its predecessor –romantic misgivings and the like –"Bad Ideas" feels like the next step forward, plunging boldly into the waters of potentially misguided love. Violet skips through a track scored by an infectious pop melody and adorned with heavenly production flourishes, transforming what may turn into a growing series of "Bad Ideas" into an effervescent bout of exception indie pop. Violet spoke on the underlying meaning of the song, sharing,

"'Bad Ideas' is an anthemic song about giving in to romance and allowing yourself to be swept up in things even when you know the consequences of risking heartbreak."


With "Bad Ideas," Violet touches upon the very real reality that fully giving yourself into love is a double-edged sword. Yet, the way in which she runs towards that truth with a sense of reckless abandon turns the whole reality into a bubbly light-hearted affair where you can't help but root for Violet. And we certainly will be rooting for the rising indie pop artist if she keeps releasing gems like these.

Listen to "Bad Ideas" below:

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