The Aces Roll Their Eyes At Purely “Physical” Affection In New Video


The Aces, an all female quartet from Orem, Utah, seek more than just "Physical" connection in their new music video. Heavily endorsed by Red Bull Records, the indie-pop quartet is comprised of sisters Cristal (lead vocals/guitar) and Alisa Ramirez (drums), alongside their friends McKenna Petty (bass) and Katie Henderson (lead guitar). 

The girls stick their middle fingers up to societal expectations for an all-girl group with the '80s inspired video, rolling their eyes at boys with underlying satire about casual sex. Beginning with Cristal in the drivers' seat of a retro car, the songstress feels underwhelmed by the monotony of modern emotionless relationships. The vibrant video follows Cristal's message accordingly; Petty plays a symbolic game of tennis with a boy and ends up knocking his nose out of place, suggesting that she's not here to play games. 

The band told NPR of the concept for the video, 

“‘Physical’ is about being unamused with purely sexual relationships. Casual intimacy is so glamorized in society, and we wanted to bring our perspective to the table. Being physical is obviously fun, but it can quickly become lackluster if that’s the only thing a relationship has going for it. Substance is so important and underrated.”

Although their discography includes a mere two songs, the Haim-esque "Physical" and their more pop-y debut single "Stuck," the quartet has been making music together for almost seven years. With their I Don't Like Being Honest EP set to release on June 23, The Aces are poised to take 2017 by storm. Stay tuned for the forthcoming EP and watch the video for "Physical" below!