The Blaze Creates Dance Music With Consciousness in Debut Album, ‘DANCEHALL’


The Blaze is a dance duo not quite like any other. Inventive, artistic, and emanating an unrivaled human quality in their work, The Blaze is taking the world by fire one unforgettable show and album at a time. From a forthcoming North American tour, a standout appearance at Coachella, to now, their long-awaited debut album DANCEHALL, The Blaze is uniting the world in dance.

The project of cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, who are both music producers and film directors, the highly-anticipated debut follows three previously released singles, "She," "Faces," and "Queens." Exploring themes of humanity, from the celebration of a new life to the mourning of a lost love, DANCEHALL feels like more than just an exceptional electronic album. It is an electronic album that manages to speak to the inner core of human connectedness, despite a lack of consistent vocals.

Taking its name not from the Jamaican musical genre but the cultural scene that arose in the '40s where people would come together in communal spaces to dance together, DANCEHALL embodies the ideals of that tradition. Over the course of ten tracks, The Blaze provides a space and a soundtrack for people to come together to party together. For that's what DANCEHALL does more than anything. Each track can be dissected as its own separate piece of impeccable striking sonic art, but the beauty behind DANCEHALL is the overarching expression that comprises it. With their debut album, The Blaze has taken the communal ideals of '40s dance halls into the present, giving the world over the gift of dance music with consciousness.

Listen to DANCEHALL below and be sure not to miss the Blaze on tour this fall: