The Blaze Delivers a Cinematic and Sonic Masterpiece with “Queens” Video


Cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, who make up French electronic duo The Blaze, are masters at capturing the human spirit in both sonic and visual form. Both music producers and film directors, everything the duo touches turns to gold. Their latest offering to the world comes in the form of "Queens," a somber, beautiful, and moving music video from their forthcoming debut album DANCEHALL, due out Friday, September 7.

Calling "Queens" a phenomenal music video in many ways feels trite. What The Blaze has delivered with "Queens" is something akin to cinema. Engrossing, striking right at one's heart, and telling a complete story of love and loss, it is a reminder as to why The Blaze is currently one of the most critically-acclaimed and mesmerizing acts of our day. Opening on a memorial service, the video for "Queens" plays out in reverse. The tale of a young lost love, even the most innocent and heart-warming moments are underscored with a sense of tragedy.

Yet, that is the beauty of The Blaze and the brief worlds they breathe into existence. They are complete, living worlds. Filled with joy, deep impenetrable sadness, love, anger, loss, and fleeting moments of serenity, to watch a music video for The Blaze is to give yourself over to their cinematic masterpieces. The very cinematic masterpieces that are scored by pulsating, human electronic music.  

Watch the video for "Queens" below, and be sure not to miss The Blaze as they embark on tour this fall: