The Countdown Is Finally Over: The Aces Unveil ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’ Ahead of Tour


Following up their acclaimed 2017 EP I Don't Like Being Honest, The Aces has finally released their true debut album, and we're already big fans of the project's sound. When My Heart Felt Volcanic shows the Utah quartet developing further into their potential, displaying their art with confidence and passion that beams through on each song.

The band released five singles ahead of the release of When My Heart Felt Volcanic, which proved to be an accurate sample size of what the project entails. The single "Lovin' is Bible" originally triumphed with colorful guitars and a warm, inviting soundscape, and meshes well into the rest of the project when played in sequence. Later in the album, the song "Last One" succeeds with a similar formula, although the lyrics delve into the opposite side as the band makes it clear that this is the last song about an unrequited love.

"Bad Love" is another early standout from When My Heart Felt Volcanic, as blistering guitar notes electrify the song from the jump before slotting into place with the rest of the music. Faint traces of funk come out on the chorus, thanks to the swinging vocal rhythm that aligns beautifully with the percussion. "Baby, they don't get us, never had this love before / I wish they knew just how I felt, think they'd be ready to adore you," she sings on the chorus, emphasizing the relationship she has above the words of those looking in from the outside.

Now that their debut is finally available, The Aces will be heading out on tour with X Ambassadors to bring the music to life in venues across the country. See their dates here, and give When My Heart Felt Volcanic a listen if they're coming to a city near you!