The Freshest Bangerz III: The Week's Best Hip-Hop

"A Place Like This" - Majid Jordan

He was in, than he was out. After featuring in Drake's hit single "Hold one We're Going Home," Majid Jordan has yet to establish himself as a major presence within the rising r&b/electronic scene.  But, with the release of his latest single "A Place Like This" Jordan has shown the world while he is a voice that should be remembered and respected. "A Place Like This" reminds the listener of the ambient funk that has been made popular by artists like Chet Faker and Ta-ku, but includes the beautiful r&b vocals of Jordan.

"New Chevy" - Taylor Bennett ft. King Louie

While "New Chevy" has been circling its way through the ears of hip-hop addicts for quite sometime, only recently has it begun to make another lap. Taylor Bennett, younger brother of Chancelor Bennett notoriously known as Chance the Rapper, took a step in his brother's shoes and met critical success. "New Chevy" is the perfect summer feel-good song with happy-go-lucky production and whimsical lyrics the song was destined to be a hit. Bennett's style of rapping is similar to his older brother, but the inclusion of the ever-talented King Louie moderates itself to its own uniqueness.

"Show Me the Way" - Dilated Peoples ft. Aloe Blacc

Dilated Peoples is a veteran hip-hop collective who have met unparalleled underground success, however their latest track "Show Me the Way" may finally get them the airplay they deserve. The track stays true to their long established style, one originating from Jazz and Blues influences, and includes a well-composed chorus done by everyone's favorite feature artist Aloe Blacc. "Show Me the Way" is certain to be a summer anthem; with a little touch of reggae the track will infuse itself into every relaxing Sunday kickback.

"Divinity" - SZA & Jill Scott

"Divinity," is a fitting name for SZA's latest project with collaboration from the legendarily beautiful voice of Jill Scott. The overlapping and echoing voices of Scott and SZA bring this piece the multi-dimensional and complex ambiance we have come to expect from these talents. SZA poetic lyricism is something she has only continued to hone and refine as the listener hangs on every word and whisper. Give the track a listen, and see if you are able to resist the musical seduction offered by SZA and Scott.

"Its Whuteva" - Young Marqus ft. YG

At 14 years-of-age H-Town's Young Marqus has a bright and talented future ahead. "Its Whuteva" comes as a single from Young Marqus' up coming mixtape CLAE (Creating Legacy All day Every day). Produced by 1500 or Nothin' the tracks is styled similar to the west coast production of DJ Mustard, and fittingly YG 4Hunnid finds himself guesting on the track. Overall Marqus' verses standout with aggressive intentions and an undying love for the hustle. YG compliments the tracks, but compliments Marqus more as his verses pale against the 14 year-old's natural and prodigious talent.

"Boss Shit" - MiMOSA ft. Bun B

EDM funk extraordinaire MiMOSA has decided to alter his style a bit by entering the trap scene in excellent fashion and legendary stature with Bun B and their new track "Boss Shit." "Boss Shit" layers the notorious voice of Bun B with the intensity of trap music in an enjoyable manner, a combination often done distastefully. MiMOSA demonstrates his encyclopedic knowledge of production has he seamlessly blends trap, funk-EDM, and dubstep into one legendary combination, simply titling it "Boss Shit."

"Knock the Hustle" - Cody Macc

Earlier this week young South Central artist Cody Macc AKA "Cozz" released his latest nostalgic filled track, "Knock the Hustle." Cozz certainly has been on his hustle, recently signing a deal with Dreamville records, a subsidiary of Interscope, we will be hearing a lot more from this young LA artist. "Knock the Hustle" is littered with hip=hop's jazz roots as a lonely saxophone floats through the track complimenting the hungry voice of Cozz. Cozz may simply be the west coast's very own Joey Bada$$. 

"On You" - Chet Faker & GoldLink

Chet Faker, the Australian stand-out, has dipped his handed into hip-hop production with his latest track "On You."  The track is stylistically Faker, a culmination of jazzy synths and soothing piano riffs. The inclusion of GoldLink, who has participated in numerous collaborations with similar artists Ta-ku and Katryanda, personalizes the track and breathes a unique sensation of life into it. We hope these to rising artists continue to collaborate, as their music molds into a seamless production.