The Marías and Triathalon Are in Perfect Harmony in Joint Single, “Drip”


This fall saw what arguably the dreamiest of tour lineups when Los Angeles' sexiest band The Marías and New York mood-setter extraordinaire Triathalon announced they would be hitting the road together, presented by yours truly. It's hard to imagine the ongoing tour getting better. Well, at least that was the case until we heard the two band's newly unveiled single "Drip."

"Drip" is a resounding vibe that leverages both The Marías and Triathalon's intrinsic prowess for crafting a spellbinding sense of atmospheres in their work. The collaborative single immediately pulls you into the toe-tapping world of the two bands and keeps the alluring nature alive throughout its entire spending three-minute run. Despite working on the "Drip" remotely, sending ideas and verses back and forth over email, it truly feels like The Marías and Triathlon are feeding off one another to create something undeniably special.

What is perhaps most remarkable about "Drip" is the way in which it never feels particularly like a "Marías" or "Triathalon" track, while at the same time sounding like it couldn't possibly be created by anyone else. It's hard to tell where one band begins and the other ends but, at the end of the day, distinguishing between the two doesn't really matter. What does matter is the fact that The Marías and Triathalon have found a perfect synergy that has resulted in an otherworldly, phenomenal number. We really didn't need any further convincing to see either band live, but "Drip" has certainly given us ample reason to absolutely make sure not to miss the two of them on tour together.

Listen to "Drip" below and be sure to catch both Triathalon and The Marías who are currently on tour: