The Marías’ “Out for the night” Is a Hypnotic Live Rendition of an Unreleased Track


Photo: Joe Perri

The Marías is unquestionably an indie music staple. Their ability to take the swooning sounds of psych-rock and combine them with the golden vocals of the Puetro Rican-bred, Atlanta-raised María creates a hypnotic, evolving sound that is utterly captivating. Often the group produces sensual and mellow tracks that induce the sweetest dreams and take the listener to a land of gentle fabric. 

While the band's most recent full-length release was 2018′s Superclean, Vol. II, the group has kept their fans satisfied with a standout cover of Britney Spears' iconic "…baby one more time" and a live recording of "Loverboy." Today sees The Marías adding another standout number to that list of fan favorites. 

Debuting a live recording of an unreleased track, "Out for the night" is accompanied by visuals that are as pleasing to the eye as the sound is to the ear. The Marías has not disappointed. María spoke further on the surprise release, sharing, 

"'Out for the night' was one of the first songs that Josh and I wrote together. We'll probably never release the actual produced track that we made, but we wanted to share the song with you one way or another. So here it is, live from our neighbor's living room, for you." 

The live performance will have to do, and it most certainly does. The visuals, masterfully captured in a living room, give the whole band room to shine. Jesse Perlman on the guitar receives an absolutely riveting solo under the spotlight, melting the heart chords in one fell swoop. Even with this performance, no one outshines the charm of Maria in a simple black dress and dangling earrings, shining brighter than the spotlight on herself. The video captures the feeling of an intimate lounge performance, one that I hope to one day be able to experience myself.

Musically the track somehow manages to exceed the visuals. Each instrument enchants, from the chime-like keys, the wide kicks of the drum, to the illustrious vocal harmonies. To consider that this performance of "Out for the night" was done completely live is jaw-dropping. Then there's the gentle sway of María's vocals, producing a timbre that results in a sense of nostalgia that can only be captured with music like this. 

In its entirety, "Out for the night," is a tribute to everything The Marías stands for. The sensual and dreamlike nature of the track summarizes the rich psychedelic qualities of the group. Once again, The Marías has crafted a golden piece of indie psych-rock and it is as good as ever. 

Watch the live video for "Out for the night" below:

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