The Multi-Talented Childish Major Snags Season 3 ‘Insecure’ Feature With “Know Nothing”


As we progress further into the 21st century, the lines between art forms are becoming more and more blurred. From this trend, prominent artists who are eager to blend platforms and wear many hats in their careers are swiftly emerging. Two of these artists include actor, writer, and director Issa Rae and artist, songwriter, and producer Childish Major.

Both Issa Rae and Childish Major share similar stories of dawning many hats in their careers. Rae's career began with her YouTube web series, which led to her role as creator and star of the HBO hit series Insecure, while Childish went from producing tracks for J. Cole, SZA, Future, and 6LACK to successfully making a name for himself as a solo rapper. In addition to occupying various roles in their careers, they are both well-known for being strong supporters of art outside of their own immediate realm.

From its past two seasons, Insecure has gained a reputation for its incredible hip-hop and R&B soundtracks consisting of both newcomers and legends alike, earning it the title of "the hottest music on TV" from Business Insider. With the upcoming third season, Rae has reaffirmed her commitment to up-and-coming artists by hosting the Insecure Music Contest, which allowed the public to submit their music for the season's creative review. Additionally, to premiere the first episode of Season 3, Rae hosted Insecure Fest at the Banc of California Stadium, which featured performances from 2 Chainz, Jorja Smith , Saweetie, and Amine.


The first episode of Insecure season 3 airs Sunday, August 12 and is chalk full of the same fresh musical swag, including none other than the multitalented Childish Major. In his second feature on Insecure, after closing out season 2 with "Supply Luh," Childish employs his signature relaxed, trap beats under melodic rapping. He initially grasps the listener's attention with his intriguing vocal tone and the complex rhythmic interplay between lighter and heavier beats. 

As the track continues, Childish utilizes unapologetically blunt and honest lyricism, similar to the general tone of Insecure. With harsh bars such as, "Until you got a career, don't be catching no feels" and "Girl you're not important and the problem is you're lurking too much," are reminiscent of situations and cliffhangers from the previous Insecure seasons. The song concludes with the relatable emotional paradox of rejecting someone's love then desiring it. Childish acknowledges this paradox with a dreamy outro while he repeats, "I'm working on being there, but still you're asking where I've been" and ends with a conclusive "Bitch you don't know nothin'."

Take a listen to the track below and check out our Q&A with Childish Major to learn more about this multi-dimensional talent!