The Ones To Watch Insider: EP. 2



Your inside look at the Ones to Watch tour

Meet the band of brothers on a collision course with rock stardom. Their name is KONGOS, and we caught up with them in our monthly podcast to uncover the madness behind their 'Lunatic' tour and explore the origins of their tribal rock sound. You sent in your questions as Skype video messages, and they answered in kind by filming their own. So lend us your ears (and eyes) for the very best in new music. 

Ones to Watch with Skype Podcast

KONGOS took time out from their busy schedule to talk over Skype with resident muso Jonny Hynes. Together,they waxed lyrical about everything from their South African upbringing, their genesis as a band of brothers to the sudden tipping point in their current success. We'll hear their tracks as well as music from other Ones to Watch acts including The Temperance Movement, Twin Shadow, The Districts, Hayley Kiyoko and Tinashe.

The Temperance Movement


Twin Shadow


The Districts


Hayley Kiyoko




One to One with KONGOS

Do brothers make good bandmates? KONGOS tell it like it is as they respond to your Skype video messages.

Win signed merch from KONGOS

As a thank you to their fans, KONGOS are signing off their month in the spotlight by giving away some signed merch. For your chance to win, send a Skype message to CloserWithSkype with the words "Podcast Giveaway" before March 12th, 2015.

Upcoming tour dates

You've still got time to catch our next two headline acts while out on the road. Click the links for tour dates and venues:

Get involved in March

Kalin and Myles are our new headline act in March and they're ready and waiting to hear from you. Get your questions in quick as Skype instant or video messages to CloserWithSkype.