The Regrettes’ “Poor Boy” Protests the Kavanaughs of the World


Photo: Claire Marie Vogel

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court demonstrated the disappointing reality that for a majority of elected officials, it didn't matter so much whether a woman's allegations of sexual misconduct or rape were believed or not; they just didn't care. In light of such a tragic event and what will likely go down as a malformed murky splotch in American history, it is easy to feel disheartened and powerless. Yet, it is at these very times that we must remain most incensed and work towards a better a future - a resolution exemplified so wonderfully in The Regrettes' latest protest song, "Poor Boy."

The Los Angeles-based band, comprised of Lydia Night, Genessa Gariano, and Drew Thomsen, has long straddled the line between pop, surf rock, alternative rock, and their punk influences. "Poor Boy" sees them fully embracing the latter, while fully retaining their clear sense of alternative-pop musicality. The empowering anthem is an unrelenting examination of the way in which people view sexual assault victims as the responsible parties and the men at fault as the supposed victims. Lead singer Night shared the following on what inspired the creation of "Poor Boy,"

"'Poor Boy' was written at a time of being completely fed up and disgusted by all of the awful humans who think it's okay to assault and rape others. This one is for Kavanaugh and all the other nasty men who think that this behavior is okay in any capacity. We won't accept it and we will continue to fight against it."

The accompanying lyric video highlights the inherent irony of the lyrics, but most importantly it contains an important message and purpose. Towards the end of the video, contact info for the RAINN's confidential sexual assault hotline and confidential online one-on-one chat with a trained support specialist are shown alongside the words "YOU ARE NOT ALONE." The band is also encouraging fans to donate to anti-sexual assault organization RAINN. The number to contact RAINN is 800.656.4674 or you can visit to speak to a trained specialist online. And remember, as The Regrettes' put it best, "You are not alone."

Watch the lyric video for "Poor Boy" below and be sure to catch The Regrettes on tour this fall:

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