The Week In OTW in Doses & Mimosas

On repeat

Everything went up in flames when both LVLF and Banks released new tracks on Monday. Also - we talked about 10 songs we actually can’t get out of our heads right now. 

Show of the week


Ones To Watch Eric Hutchinson swung by our neighborhood in West L.A. this Tuesday and left a little love on Sunset. 

Hang of the week


Our party with Cherub for many reasons, among them, this.


Feature of the week


Dreading answering the question “Plans this weekend?” today? No fear, we got you with our list of 7 concert films any music lover should see. Boom - there’s your night, you’re welcome. 

Tangent/rant of the week


Disney has announced a Boy Meets World followup, Girl Meets World, starring both the original Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fiscel) and their kids, with Savage directing. This could either be amazing or totally bomb.