The Week in OTW: LVing LF

On repeat

Of course, when indie queen Lana Del Rey drops a video before a releasing a highly anticipated album, we watch it. Again, and again. 

We were so excited about our newest Ones To Watch artist MKTO that we couldn’t help ourselves from playing “Classic” on repeat. 

Dance-hall noise-makers Chromeo are back and bigger than ever, enlisting the help of Ezra Koenig, Solange, and Toro Y Moi on their latest album, White Women. 

Show of the week 


Photo: @youtellconcerts

Ones To Watch synth-pop quartet Lovelife finished an amazing run with Ellie Goulding, topping it off with a homecoming show in Los Angeles. Highlights were hearing them play their new song, “Angel,” live for the first time. Sigh.

Hang of the week


We talked to NYC pop-noir duo ASTR about New Yorker cliches and how to throw the baddest of parties. 

On his Ones To Watch with Skype tour, Eric Hutchinson hit the streets of Brooklyn for a good old busking session before Skyping with some fans. 

Interview of the week

Photo: Watchara Phomicinda

Ever wished you could go to a music festival and cut all the bro-y crap you have to put up with (fashion snobbery, drunken EDM frat-moshing, VIP attitude) and just enjoy the music and nature? We spoke with Lightning in a Bottle co-founder Dede Flemming about his music and arts festival that is just the solution to music lovers over the typical festival scene. Check out the interview here.

Feature of the week

We revisited some of the most infamous Ones To Watch artists at the start of their careers

Tangent/rant of the week

Someone called Beyonce an anti-feminist and terrorist and that is just so absurd we’re not even going to get into it.