The Week's Freshest Hip-Hop Bangerz: IV

The Weeknd – “King of the Fall”

Every lyric he utters is held with esteem, as The Weeknd once again stuns the world with “King of The Fall.” This track is a direct allusion to his King of The Fall Tour with Jhenè Aiko and Schoolboy Q. Again, his mood music seduces the listeners ear to provide a very emotional, heavy experience.

ILOVEMAKONNEN – “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday”

ILOVEMAKONNEN made some noise this week by dedicating a song to everyone who works on the weekend, and letting them know it is alright to celebrate your week on Tuesday. “Club Going Up On A Tuesday” reminds the world that the “weekend” isn’t just limited to Friday and Saturday, and that you can be the inspiration of the party. ILOVEMAKONNEN’s confidence on this track is outstandingly successful, and Metro Boomin’s production can never be underrated. 

Shlomo & Jeremih – “No More”

Shlomo brought his spastic production style to R&B standout Jeremih, and the result was awesome. This isn’t the first time Shlomo has taken his art to the voice of Jeremih, his 2013 remix to “Fuck You All The Time” made it’s round through the rising EDM trap genre. The combination of these two talents creates a sexy genre of trap that derives a heavy and suitable R&B influence. Give these two a listen, and look for the collaboration of their names on future lists, as I expect they have a lot more to give.

Troy Ave – “Good Time”

Troy Ave canoodles his way on to the list once more with the release of his summer single “Good Time.” Summer vibes exude from this tracks, draped with the background laughter of delighted children, and lined with the contented success of Ave. Aligning with the jazzy and throwback samples Troy Ave is known for, “Good Time” is definitely a track to put on your Pool Party playlists.

Ace Hood – “0 to 100 (Beast Mix)”

It’s been a while since Ace Hood has released a banger, but this week he popped off with all the talent we expect from him. The amount of times Boi 1nda’s “0 to 100” instrumental has been sampled is besides me, but Hood’s flow does it justice. His version is a direct response to the recent lock up of colleague and friend, Meek Mill. #FreeMill

YG – “Bicken Back Being Bool”

This song is far from new, released on YG’s debut studio album, My Krazy Life. However, the music video for “Bicken Back Being Bool” just came out this Monday, and deserves a mention. “Bicken Back Being Bool” carries the weight of LA gang culture, with the use of Bs instead of Cs signifying YG’s affiliation with the Bloods, particularly the Tree Top Pirues or TTP (which can be seen spray painted in the music video). The music video presents a violent narrative to the chill and unworried atmosphere of the song, 

Allan Kingdom ft. Spooky Black  – “Wavey”

Coming off of his recent released EP Future Memoirs, Kingdom’s track “Wavey” puts a sultry spin on blue summer skies. The down tempo track glides through hazey lyrics, sucking you into a slow moving current of drunken memoirs. Kingdom’s vocals offer promising depths, and surely is a name to keep an eye on.

Ace Cosgrove – “High 5”

Ace Cosgrove is the Chance the Rapper of DMV. The young Maryland rapper has a flare of his own, hair wild and unruly with a style of his own. His piece “High 5” defines itself through a funky and warped production and the ever catchy chorus, “High 5, 5 on the Blunt.” He represents a new generation of DMV artists, good looking Mr. Cosgrove!