THEY. and Jessie Reyez Attempt to Repair What’s “Broken” in Smoldering R&B Number


Photo: Alexander Black

No matter how you proceed in a relationship, it can feel like everything you do is never enough. THEY. teams up with Jessie Reyez on "Broken" to give the account of two people in love, but how one's inability to move past a previous relationship hinders their ability to truly fall for each other.

"Broken" is a sorrowful song that illuminates the feeling of being torn and fragmented within a new relationship. The syncopated guitar provides a half-time feel, while the simple underlying production keeps the track on a steady downtempo vibe. With lyrics like "I question it all 'cause I'm still broken" and "I give you space, let you breathe / Flip it on me, then it repeats," the track provides insight on how a personal conflict can unknowingly be reflected outward onto someone else.

"Broken" revolves around a conversation between a couple who find themselves in a vicious cycle of doubt and mistrust. Previous relationships can deteriorate your perception of what it means to fall in love. Sometimes, the right person will do everything they can to show that their love is genuine, but broken people require more patience, care, and freedom from judgment.

THEY. is comprised of Dante Jones and Drew Love, the genre-bending duo with an experimental sound not limited to the sonic realm of hip-hop. Balancing each other out from production to songwriting to personality is what the two do best. THEY. is dynamic and unpredictable, making this collaboration with Jessie Reyez so fitting.