THEY. Shares Their Haunting New Single, “What I Know Now” Featuring Wiz Khalifa

Photo: Ivor McCray

Los Angeles based duo THEY. operate in an array of genres. Utilizing the best parts of rock, punk and R&B, THEY. has crafted a signature sound. The duo has released their newest single, "What I Know Now" featuring Pittsburg icon, Wiz Khalifa. Releasing a string of singles following their 2017 album debut, Nü Religion: HYENA, Dante Jones and Drew Love create on a foundation of R&B mixing in elements of grunge, rock and pop.

The duo's newest single, "What I Know Now," draws on their grunge influences utilizing a washed-out electric guitar as the song's foundation. A combination of multi-layered vocals creates a haunting chorus that THEY. thrive in. The dense production matches the personable content of the song speaking on the aimless feeling of heartbreak.

Currently on a European tour with 6LACK, THEY. is growing their fanbase and prepping their audience with the hopes of a new project. Although no details have been released other than a few mysterious tweets from the duo, their recent release of singles is rightfully peaking our interest. 

Listen to THEY.'s new song with Wiz Khalifa below: