Thoreau & Chloe Tang Capture The Challenges of Long Distance Relationships in “Cities” [PREMIERE]

"Cities" is sure to be the latest genre-defying track to be stuck in your head. Artists Thoreau and Chloe Tang met each other in college at CU Denver. Soon after their initial chance meeting, the artists created "Off My Back," which was added to Spotify's Fresh Electronic and Cratediggers playlists.

Tang has now evolved her sound to encapsulate a more R&B influence, while Thoreau dove into an electronic meets hip-hop style. As each of the artists re-discovered their ever-changing sounds, they decided to collaborate once again with a song that is bound to tug on your heart strings.

"Cities" tells the story of a long distance relationship and all of the turbulence and challenges that arise with being so far apart. Chloe's vocals bring a melancholy tone which transports the listener into the story. The single showcases Chloe's effortless range and Thoreau's producing abilities to create a one of a kind collaboration that garners all the emotions.

Tang shared,

"When I listen to love songs, no one ever talks about the difficult parts of love. Cities is about the hardships of being in a long distance relationship but it also has moments of hope. For me, being apart from someone is such a unique kind of pain because your whole life kind of shifts but no matter how many phone calls, there's still something missing. I really wanted to capture that in cities."  

Listen to "Cities" before its official release below: