Throwback Album of the Week: Hustle and Drone


It’s Thursday and almost the end of the year, but we’re not going to lay down our best of 2013 just yet because c’mon, it’s not over. Instead, let’s take a look back at things you might’ve missed this year. What’s the point of being fed all this new music if you haven’t even had time to appreciate what’s already out there? 

Based out of Salem, Oregon, Hustle and Drone were recently shouted out by our friends Portugal. The Man on Facebook (they played a show together at Doug Fir lounge in Portland on Sunday). Like the carefree members of PTM (who make uninsured music videos behind their label’s back), Hustle and Drone’s bandmembers Kirk Onstad and Ryan Neighbors share an affinity for silliness that reclines comfortably against their musicianship (see below for evidence). 

In terms of bands who sound like their names, we don’t think we’ve ever heard anything that comes this close. Hustle and Drone’s self-titled album deftly interprets its moniker, sounding like a mix between a subdued Grizzly Bear and an expert amalgamation of electronic music’s last four decades. It shuffles, it drones, and with some pushing and gentle shouldering, lands itself a place of its own among indie-electronic leaders like CHVRCHES and Portugal.The Man. The album contains only five songs, and each one is worth hearing (and repeating, for the rest of the day). It came out last year, and according to their Facebook, they have a new album in the works due out in 2014. Take a listen below.