Thru “Thick And Thin” LANY Proves Why They Are the Masters of Synth-Driven Heartbreak


LANY is building up to something monumental. With every new release from their forthcoming sophomore album Malibu Nights, which is due out October 5, the trio constructs a deeper and deeper picture of love, heartbreak, and eventual acceptance. Their third single from Malibu Nights, “Thick And Thin,” is an emotive bout of reflection.

Packaged alongside the two previously released singles, “Thru These Tears” and “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore,” “Thick And Thin” is a near-perfect piece of synth-pop that much likes its cohorts pulls at all the right heartstrings. As lead singer Paul Klein muses on what led to the eventual end of this imagined or quite real relationship, he deftly weaves together a heart-rending narrative comprised of the promises we make one another and how those promises do not always coincide with the way our emotions change. Underscored by a shimmering array of synth-laden bliss, LANY’s lyricism takes on a sense of unrelenting poignancy.

While the subject matter at hand could be viewed under the lens of melancholic heartbreak, there is a ray of optimism that shines through “Thick And Thin.” The subject of Klein’s desire may never return due to “something so innocent,” but then the reality becomes that maybe it was never love in the first place. It is a sentiment that resounds with the essence of what makes great lasting pop, finding the happiness in sadness. LANY has demonstrated this unique talent throughout the lead-up to Malibu Nights, and in doing so have become masters of the happy/sad song.  

Listen to “Thick And Thin” and LANY’s two previously released singles below, and pre-order LANY’s Malibu Nights here:

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