Tilian Talks Pop Music, Relationships and the Pursuit of Perfection in Recent Interview


When he's not melting hearts as the smooth singing co-vocalist of Sacramento's post-hardcore outfit Dance Gavin Dance, Tilian Pearson – otherwise known as just Tilian – can be found working diligently on his solo career promoting his latest album Perfect Enemy.

Hitting stores late last year, Tilian's new pop-heavy LP is mixture of sad songs on broken relationships ("Tug of War," "All I Ever Do"), up-lifting tracks about moving on ("Hold Me Down" "Alive") and everything else in-between. Essentially summing up the cocktail of emotions one feels during any dating experience, Tilian somehow found a nearly flawless way to make heartache and recovery a 12-track adventure.         


"Originally, I kinda wanted to arrange the track listing, like, through the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship," Tilian explained to our sister site The Noise. "It kinda worked out that way but it wasn't completely perfect." 

The soft spoken frontman continued to add, "There were a couple songs that were put on [the album] a little more last minute so it's almost a perfect story, but not really." (This coming from the guy who named his album Perfect Enemy, by the way.)

Speaking of the album's title, Tilian touched on the idea behind it saying, "It's basically you strive for perfection and then you kind of lose something that's very good. So, kind of settling on the album's title Perfect Enemy kinda worked that way. And, the whole imagery with the diamond on the cover is that it's a flawed diamond; so instead of trying to find something perfectly symmetrical and constantly striving to make a piece of art or a relationship or anything like that perfect, [it's the idea that] being happy with very good is less of an enemy than striving for something perfect."

Continuing to progress through the interview, Tilian, who's more known for being coupled with the loud and sweaty sounds of metalcore music rather than the sweet piano-riddled tracks on his solo record, took his opportunity to weigh in on the direction of pop.

"In terms of the state of pop music, it definitely seems like, right now, it's pretty simplistic and very vocal-centric and not so much [focused on] crazy arrangements. I haven't been alive that long, so I'm comparing it to like late 90′s pop. It was definitely more layers and a lot more changes and things like that then. Even the old boy band stuff and Brittney Spears stuff or like Goo Goo Dolls on the other side of alternative pop, it had more layers and changes. And the pop now is kinda just vocal-centric and lyric-centric, which is kinda cool."      

Bashfully, Tilian later admitted if he could take his solo act on the road with any pop star, he'd dream big and choose former boy band extraordinaire, Justin Timberlake.

To hear more from Tilian as he discusses Perfect Enemy in greater detail as well as his first-ever solo tour, be sure to tune into The Noise's online radio show this Saturday on idobi Radio. For more details, head here.