Tom Misch and De La Soul Focus On The Funk in “It Runs Through Me” Video


Amongst the many standout tracks that were a result of artist and producer Tom Misch's debut album Geography, one noted track was "It Runs Through Me." Partnering with infamous hip-hop group De La Soul, "It Runs Through Me" is an exceptional, funky tune that felt timeless when it was originally released. And now that it's accompanying music video has been revealed, it feels even more timeless than ever before. 

The simple studio video is more than just a jam band setting. With infectious rhythms that will have your body tingling with a sensational urge to dance, Misch and De La Soul guide us through the power of music. The comping guitar riff has a ska, island-feel that carries you to an underground dancehall, while the lead guitar provides a counter melody to flow in between the steady groove. Vocals are just as much an instrument as a drum or piano, and Misch cleverly integrates the lyrics with the other instruments by playing them off each other. When Misch sings "She told me add the bass line," the bass comes in to infuse an open texture and mellow timbre for a perfect semblance of low and high end in the track. Visually, the video transports you back to the '70s with its earthy color-palette, suede and linen clothing, and dated technology, like the multi-track tape recording in the studio and a boxy TV.

"It Runs Through Me" is a celebration of music. Though the video may be simple, it gives the listener a chance to focus on instrumentation, jam with the band, and see the fun in creating these rhythms and phrases. The chorus mirrors the feeling music ignites within Misch and De La Soul when they sing in the chorus, "You can't take this away from me / Oh, the way I hit the melody," reminding us all that music sparks sensations of ecstasy and bliss.

Venturing beyond the realms of classic jazz and neo-soul, Tom Misch is constantly blending sounds to create unbelievably tasty combinations of his own. Having started his musical career at the age of four, and picking up a guitar by the age of nine, Misch can't help but mess around with chords and build layers that ultimately produce. Don't miss your chance to catch this musical innovator, as he continues on tour through the remainder of fall.