Tom Misch Features Footage of His Grandparents in Nostalgic New Video for “Movie”


As swoonworthy as ever, Tom Misch recently dropped a sweet, soft new track called "Movie," luring us in as always with his steady, low voice and beautiful instrumentation. One of the brightest young stars to emerge out of the South London scene in recent years, the singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer shares with the world an intimate piece of his family's history in his new music video for "Movie."

Revolving around authentic black and white footage of his grandparents, Margriet and Klaus Misch, and shot across Europe throughout 1945-55, "Movie" brings an old love story into the present with a perfect vintage quality to match the new, lovesick song. His sister Polly also makes an appearance in the beginning of the video, speaking lines so inspired by the dramatic, heart-torn climaxes of classic romance films that they could easily be mistaken for an actual sample from one. As a guest vocalist, she opens Tom's track and sets the retro, cinematic tone:

"My cheek brushes against his, smooth on stubble for a moment. And then it's gone. He walks along the platform as if in a dream, ever fiber in me wants to shout and scream, 'Stop!' To run across to him, take him in my arms, to tell him 'I love you! You silly, silly man, I love you!' But instead I stand still, heart cracking. Those little curls on the back of his head bouncing, as he steps out of my life, forever."

Even more of a family affair than might be expected, Tom's mother Carol Misch served as the make-up artist for the music video. Tom shared in the video's Hypebeast premiere that his father also took this project very much to heart, as his parents are the ones so touchingly featured in the old video footage. Additionally, "Movie" features a collaboration with Carmody, and the nostalgic visuals were directed by Joshua Osbourne.

Easy-on-the-ears and full of soulful, John Mayer-esque guitar lines, downtempo percussion rhythms, and delicate piano runs, "Movie" marks a lighter side of Tom Misch's signature smooth jazz stylings. He croons throughout the song, "Remember me / let's set the scene / you and me / what could've been / still swimming in old lovers' dreams / still playing on new movie screens," with the video vividly mirroring these lines.

"Movie" is the first single from what has just been announced as Tom Misch's debut full-length album, Geography, set for release next spring on April 6, 2018. The album is available for pre-order on the artist's website.

Light some candles, curl up on the couch, and fall in love with love as you watch the dreamy new video for "Movie" below: