Tom Misch’s “South of the River” Is a Groovy Love Song for South London


Tom Misch, the 22-year old London-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, had an immense 2016–with the critically acclaimed Reverie to a sold out headlining U.S. tour, and now he is back with his latest single "South of the River." The song has seemingly been in the works for nearly three years, from a hinted mention on Twitter to an instrumental tease on Facebook, and it was well worth the wait.

"South of the River" is an exemplary Tom Misch track that sees him making the most of all his trademark sounds and stylings. The looping instrumentation, the neo-soul leanings, and the emotive lyricism are all present. The track starts with a series of looping string instruments before jumping into a groovy, deep bass line unified by Tom's vocals. The song only continues to build behind Tom as he throws more and more instrumentation into the mix, brings the strings back, and lets everything he has built up fall away and reemerge with magical precision and intelligence. The wave of funky instrumentation inevitably comes to a gradual end, with Tom's casual whistling sending us on our way. "South of the River" is a brilliantly constructed love song to Tom's South London.

Stream the track below and keep an eye on Tom Misch at Ones To Watch.