Tommy Newport’s “Violet Days” Is a Beautiful, Morose Dream


Tommy Newport's second single, "Violet Days," is a psychedelic daydream come true. The 18-year-old English-born singer, songwriter, and producer already has an impressive talent for crafting an irresistible vibe, despite only having first picked up a guitar four years ago in Wichita, Kansas, following his parents' relocation to the United States. Since that fated day, Newport has spent his time mastering every instrument he could get his hands on. This genuine love for music exudes from every inch of his latest introspective track - that and a deeper look into our own faults.

"Violet Days" is a love-gone-wrong song, but by no means is it your typical one. Through a haze Newport speaks of a love that fell apart due to his own misgivings, singing, "She wanted love / Those Violet Days / But I was making it rain right from her face." It is a sentiment that is heightened by the fuzz of the wailing guitar, creating a song that is beyond atmospheric. With just the power of his voice and sparse, meticulous instrumentation, Newport creates a world all his own.

The rising artist expanded further on the track, sharing,

“The meaning of the song is worrying about the bad things so much that you let all the good days pass you by, the 'Violet Days.' Was just the way I use to live. I wanted to have some fuzz in the track and have it be harder-hitting than usual to give it a badass vibe.”

There is a beautiful, morose sense of isolation within Newport's "Violet Days." Yet, it is something you don't mind losing yourself in. Regardless of what may lay ahead, Newport's captivating, nonchalant vocal stylings lure you ever forward to those "Violet Days."

Listen to "Violet Days" below: