Toronto Newcomer j ember Gives You Everything Until There’s “Nothing Left” [PREMIERE]


Not much is known about Toronto artist j ember besides the undeniable fact that his talent of blending new and old is utterly hypnotizing. Now, he emerges with his latest single, "Nothing Left." The single is an introspective, experimental indie jam that you can't listen to just once. j ember has been turning heads with his entrancing sound since his summer 2018 debut. He has has released four singles so far with the inclusion of "Nothing Left," each one bringing forth its own praise and acclaim.

The Canadian artist has a talent for mixing electronic and acoustic. His distinct signature is stamped on every single released. "Nothing Left" beautifully exhibits the heartbreaking essence j ember has created. All of j ember's tracks point to an old soul in a contemporary time.

J ember is an artist whose work defies typical genres and guaranteed to satisfy every sense. He shared,

“I’m always trying to preserve memories in my music, trying to recreate moments that won’t happen again, and capture feelings that I can’t seem to channel anymore. 'Nothing Left' is an ode to immortality. I wrote & produced the record with Losh. For this one, we were heavily influenced by the music I grew up on – Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Though the essence of the record exists in a folk / singer-songwriter realm, we made sure the production still felt fresh.”

Listen to "Nothing Left" below: