TOUR DIARY: Join Cuco’s Tour Family in This Hilarious and Dreamlike BTS Video

Despite being started as the bedroom project of twenty-year-old Omar Banos, Cuco no longer feels like a solitary affair. Anyone who has seen the rising dream pop star live can attest to the fact that Cuco has long since outgrown his bedroom-producing roots to evolve into something much greater than its humble origins. 

The young artist, who has amassed a cult-like following thanks to a viral series of releases that drift between woozy dream pop and hazy hip-hop, would be best described as the frontman for a music collective. Any Cuco performance, tour, music video, or release now sees Cuco joined by a host of other artists and friends for a surprisingly high-energy and captivating dream pop experience. The energy and sense of camaraderie is nothing short of infectious, as we bore witness into in Cuco's charming, hilarious, and dreamlike Tour Diary video. Enjoy. 

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