TOUR DIARY + Q&A: BAUM Releases “Effortless” New Song Following Tour With Frenship

After her single "Hot Water" was released over the Summer, indie-soul pop songstress BAUM quickly won us over with her honest and self-aware tales of heartbreak and hope. It's no surprise that the track has over 500k spins on Spotify and was featured on multiple playlists across multiple countries. Chances are, fans are more than ready to hear more of that vulnerable and dissonant vocal we first fell in love with–and now, we don't have to wait any longer.

Her newest single, "Effortless" just dropped today, and it is no doubt the follow-up we've been waiting for with all the vibes of HAIM and our fave melodic desperately-sad-seeming vocals. "I just want people to feel badass when they hear "Effortless"–it’s about being cheated on, but coming out on top and still knowing you have all the power in the world," BAUM says.  

In the past, she's opened for acts such as Torres, Grouplove, HOLYCHILD, Vista Kicks and Milo Greene–and she just recently returned from a stint of dates opening for FRENSHIP. Ones To Watch got a glimpse of what it's like to be on the road with her, including five exclusive 35mm stills below.

Listen to the new track, "Effortless," read our Q&A and peep the exclusive photo diary here.

OTW: What is your favorite thing about touring and playing live?

BAUM: My favorite thing about being on tour is getting to see new cities and meet the people in those cities. Every place has such a specific energy and it’s amazing to experience it. A few weeks back, we drove 11 hours from San Francisco to Portland and I slept a lot but when I was awake I got to see some of the most beautiful parts of the West Coast. I absolutely love getting to see new cities. It’s a real bitch sometimes to be with the same 5 people 24/7, but you kind of become a family and you get to experience all the new stuff together. The biggest thing for me is the shows - playing for a different crowd every night is the reason why I do this.

OTW: What's your favorite song to perform live?

BAUM: My favorite song to perform live is “This Body.” I feel super empowered whenever I’m singing it. The whole song is about having confidence and knowing you’re fuckin’ hot. As someone with painful stage anxiety, singing about being the shit is very therapeutic and gets me in the right headspace. That’s hands down my favorite–my hope is that this song empowers the people who are listening to it.

OTW: Do you ever cover songs by other artists when you perform?

BAUM: I sing “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince all the time. It’s one of my favorite songs and just makes me happy. I go crazy and dance around the stage whenever we play it. I also love to sing Frank Ocean's “Ivy” because it’s just one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and I wanna cry every time I sing it.

OTW: What was your favorite part of this last tour?

I loved touring with Frenship–just the nicest dudes in the world. Their fans are amazing and so so about the music. We played relatively small venues that they packed–the fans went crazy for them and were super attentive and kind to me when I played.

Lo-Fi Seattle crowd before the show - so excited to play for this crowd. FRENSHIP has amazing fans.

Napping before the show in San Francisco. Our AirBnB was so sketchy - there was no heat and we were freezing!

Our “green” room - which was actually pink in Seattle. It was also a bathroom.

Warming up with Alex’s piano at our Airbnb in Portland. This was my favorite show of the whole tour!

Pretending to take the wheel at a stop on the way to Portland. I can’t drive haha.