TRACK + VIDEO PREMIERE: Lyon Hart- “Delusional”


We’ve all been there…a deep sense of infatuation towards a romantic interest that, when left unrequited, may lead to various forms of obsession and a complete disconnect from reality. NYC-based singer/songwriter Lyon Hart approaches this phenomenon in a very honest and artistic manner with his latest single, “Delusional.” 

In the “Delusional” visual, we see classic, black-and-white clips from various sources including feature films, newsreels, and propaganda films. Each clip contributes to overarching themes of overwhelming lust, unwavering romantic pursuits, blurred perceptions, and ultimately, a coming to terms with the inevitable failure of the relationship. While on one hand “Delusional” is a stark warning to all who fall victim to such mental traps, it also provides a sense of consolation as a reminder that such delusion happens to the best of us. Lyon Hart shared,

“‘Delusional’ was a true collaboration between me and producer Rob Grimaldi and draws on both our experiences in relationships that have kept going way too long after they should be over. It’s all about thinking maybe you can save what you have, but wondering if, in the end, you’re just wasting your time.

With the music video, I was looking through old movies that have fallen into the public domain and came across all these amazing clips. When I started piecing them together, they gave an even deeper meaning to the song, becoming more about obsessive love as a concept and the experience as a teenager or young adult of being wildly infatuated with someone who might not love you back. You read way too much into every interaction with the other person, and it can drive you a bit crazy.”

With a such a resonant message, lush vocals, and an illustrative visual to match, “Delusional” is set to follow suit with the success of Lyon Hart’s past video releases–potentially even surpassing “Falling For You” with 2.4 million views.

“Delusional” is set for a Feb. 21 release, but your exclusive preview is below in the meantime. Follow Lyon Hart for more.