Triathalon Builds Anticipation for Fall Tour With the Perfect Goodbye to Summer, “Distant”


New York-based dream pop outfit Triathalon, who is currently preparing to embark on a Ones To Watch presented tour with The Marías, just released a video that perfectly captures the essence of listless summer days. "Distant," the latest release from one of the indie scene's favorite bands, sees the quartet expanding on what they do best, blending old-school R&B and modern production to beautiful effect.

Simple, relaxed, and polished, at first glance "Distant" plays out like a hazy daydream personified. Shifting on each of the band members acting out the seemingly mundane in a suburban cul-de-sac, the ethereal nature of the band's music gives each commonplace action and shot a Twin Peaks air of the uncanny. Yet, maybe that air of something slightly off-kilter is completely intentional. Behind the mesmerizing guitar riffs and hypnotic bass lines, a dejected sentiment permeates "Distant."

Opening on the lines, "I just want to ride my bike / Yeah, I'm just sick of always watching the news / I just want to go outside," "Distant" rings out like a clever metaphor for the current state of things. Triathalon's vision of languid suburbia beings to resemble a picturesque escape when one considers what's outside those hedged walls. Then again, "Distant" might just a spectacular piece of dreamy indie pop. Veiled metaphor or not, one thing is certain. Triathlon has graced us with the perfect goodbye to summer and an unrivaled introduction to fall.

Watch the video for "Distant" below:

Click here for your chance to catch Triathalon on tour with The Marías this fall: