Troye Sivan’s Best-Kept Writer Leland Releases His Debut EP’s First Song, “Middle of a Heartbreak”


Photo by Jasper Soloff

When it comes to penning hit songs, singer/songwriter Leland is no stranger. The Los Angeles based artist just recently finished touring with Troye Sivan and has his sights set on releasing new music teasing his upcoming debut EP. "Middle of a Heartbreak" is the first single and is unbelievably catchy, thus ushering in a new era. Leland explained why the song is special to him,

"This song is so incredibly special to me and starts a new chapter where I feel like I've tapped into a deeper layer of who I am sonically and visually."

"Middle of a Heartbreak" was produced by Jordan Palmer - who collaborated with Leland on his prior singles "Mattress," "Run Into You," and the soundtrack for Sierra Burgess is a Loser, which featured the universally loved song "Sunflower." Whether it be working on soundtracks for films or writing hits for talented artists, Leland puts his signature sound into everything he works on.

Leland has already made his presence known in the songwriting world by writing hits for Selena Gomez ("Fetish"), Troye Sivan ("Youth," "Bloom," "My My My!"), Ariana Grande ("Dance to This"), Charli XCX ("1999″) and more. As an artist, Leland has garnered over 25 million streams and achieved Top 40 success with his debut single "Mattress." He also co-wrote the theme song "Revelation" for the critically acclaimed filmed Boy Erased. Now Leland is shifting focus to his own project where he is putting the final touches on his debut EP set to release in early 2019.

With the arrival of "Middle of a Heartbreak," there is no doubt that Leland's debut EP will be anything but stellar.

Listen to "Middle of a Heartbreak" below.