Union Station Concerts Series Spotlight: Lostboycrow Q&A


We're incredibly thrilled to present Lostboycrow, along with Spencer Ludwig, Bryce Fox, Davis, & Val Fleury at the GRAND FINALE of our Summer Concerts Series at Union Station LA this Saturday, Sept. 3 from 6:30 to 10 pm. Before the big night arrives, we got the inside scoop from our headliner on what to expect in his performance, who (and what) his inspirations have been, and what he's working on at the moment.

As he eloquently stated to conclude our interview, Lostboycrow's ultimate goal is "to tear down invisible walls till the world sings and dances in its wide open spaces." We were already major fans of the young and rising vocalist's music, but getting to know his self-aware and reflective demeanor led to an even deeper appreciation for the overarching vision behind Lostboycrow. Not to mention, his music strikes the most quality balance between pop and electronic R&B and brings out the most core emotions amongst its listeners. 

Read more about Lostboycrow below, then catch your preview of all five artists here and RSVP for what's set to be the highlight of Labor Day Weekend!

We are huge fans and honored to welcome you for our Union Station finale! What do you have in store for that show?

LBC: So happy to be part of such a great line up and closing the finale, no less. Thank you. I have had a beautiful summer making lots of new music and adventures–I’m just as anxious to see how it will all pan out on stage with all of this inspiration I’ve been holding onto. You can expect a glimpse of the future and a nod to the past.


What's the story behind the name Lostboycrow?

LBC: My name is something I've always carried with me. The weight of its origins have surfaced in my heart over the years in the same way its meaning cannot be explained all at once but one song at a time–a much grander picture I am patiently painting.

Your songs incorporate R&B vocals and electronic production with generally dark undertones - what is the feeling you're trying to convey to audiences? 

LBC: I’ve always fancied my manic labeled as “introspective dance.” I hope people feel sincerely connected at my shows–manifesting in many ways, with dancing most definitely being involved.

We heard you're working with some pretty major producers right now - tell us more about that. Who are you working with and what can we expect in your upcoming releases?

LBC: I am working with friends. Some of them have been decorated by the industry, but they are all in the business of making magic, as I am. People who bring out the truest parts of me–you can expect to get to know me and hopefully yourself a bit better. I’m having fun and writing the songs I’ve always wanted to write.

Are there certain artists and/or experiences that that have influenced your sound?

LBC: The Beach Boys, Savage Garden, hearing Journey for the first time, The Academy Is…, "Santa Fe" from The Newsies, "Cornerstone" by the Arctic Monkeys, "505″ by the Arctic Monkeys, Sam Smith singing "Latch" acoustic, listening to Acid Rap in the sun, not taking Channel Orange out of my car for 7 months straight, listening to Acid Rap in the rain, Tokyo Police Club.

I’ll never forget listening to Macklemore’s White Privilege 2 and canceling all my sessions because I only wanted to create in the same room as people who know me…

And lastly Blonde…it has expanded my universe exponentially.

Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list?

LBC: Kacey Musgraves, Tora, The Zolas

What's your ultimate goal for Lostboycrow?

LBC: To tear down invisible walls till the world sings and dances in its wide open spaces.