Union Station Concerts Series Spotlight: The Aces


Ready for round 7? Tomorrow evening, The Aces, Vokes, Salt Petal, Sophia Kameron, and Instant Karma will all come together under the Union Station Los Angeles clock tower for a night of non-stop performances and dancing…and it's all for free!

We caught up with our headliners, the all-girl pop/rock band traveling all the way from Utah to make their LA debut at Union Station. Read more about their background and what they have in store for us below, then listen to a preview of all our featured artists here and grab your friends for what's set to be an amazing night!

OTW: So happy you're making it out all the way from Utah to perform for us at Union Station! Why'd you choose this as your LA debut & what can we expect to see?

The Aces: We are so happy to be in LA! We chose this as our debut because we really love KROQ and Live Nation. Both are huge assets for up and coming artists, and we love what they do. As for what you can expect to see, be ready for a strong live show with lots of energy. We have been playing together as a band for a long time and really pride ourselves in our live performance. It's our bread and butter.


OTW: How'd you ladies meet & decide on a signature sound?

The Aces: We all met super young. Cristal (singer) and Alisa (drummer) are sisters and started the band at ages 9 and 11. McKenna (bassist) and Cristal have been best friends since elementary school and Kenna joined shortly after the band was started. Later, Kenna met Katie (Guitarist) in junior high and it's been us four ever since!

Our sound has been something we have worked on over the years we have been together. Because we started so young and have been in a band all through our teen years, our style has definitely shifted and grown a lot. It came really naturally the more we worked at it, and it was very crucial for us to find great producers who helped us craft the sound we wanted. Ultimately, we are all inspired by a lot of the same great pop and alternative rock bands, and we wanted to keep the sound of an organic band in our music with a modern twist.

OTW: In one word, what do you think makes each band member unique? How about The Aces as a whole?

The Aces: 

Katie: Peacemaker

Alisa: Determined

Kenna: Light Hearted

Cristal: Muscle of the Band

The Aces: Passionate

OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list ?

The Aces: Dua LipaStalking GiaLeisure

OTW: What can we expect in the coming months/years in terms of new music and touring?

The Aces: NEW MUSIC! Lots of shows and touring! We are excited to get out on the road and play. We cant wait for everyone to hear the new singles and EP that will be coming in the next few months!

OTW: Anything else you want to share with fans?

The Aces: We can’t wait to see everyone at our first LA show! We are super thankful for how well “Stuck” has been received and we can’t wait to show you guys what else we have.