Until the Ribbon Breaks Returns with a Triumphant Success Story & New Single

Until the Ribbon Breaks is the British band that is keeping it real with their fans as they open up about their forks in the road on the way to fame. Band member Pete-Lawrie Winfield recently expressed his past battles with alcoholism, drug abuse, and anxiety, letting fans struggling with the same conditions know that they are not alone. He is now sober and loving life, and incorporates his experience with these universal issues into Until The Ribbon Breaks' music and lyrics.

Coming back after their 2015 debut album, A Lesson Unlearnt, Until the Ribbon Breaks returns with the upbeat anthem "Here Comes the Feeling." The U.K. duo from Wales have been releasing electro-pop remixes for acclaimed artists such as Lorde, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd ever since they formed back in 2012. The multi-talented members Pete-Lawrie Winfield and Elliot Wall play all instruments featured on their tracks such as keys, production, percussion, brass, guitar, and vocals. Their first release of 2017, "Here Comes the Feeling" proves that there is a promising future ahead for Until the Ribbon Breaks.

Opening up with angelic, harmonic echoes, the first beat of the synth-drum immediately draws listeners into its tropical, bubbly beat. The song progresses into a "love song in reverse" as the chorus erupts into an undeniable dance hit, as the duo deals with a tough, overdue relationship that they can't seem to escape from. The vibe of this song stays optimistic while the lyrics dwell on lovers not being able to "find the words to say goodbye."

Keep an eye on these guys as we anticipate that this is only the start for Until the Ribbon Breaks.