USC Trio Moontower Debuts With Cutting Pop Single, “William”

Moontower is brand new on the music scene, and they're already turning heads. Following the YouTube release of their "PILOT" video, the electronic pop trio is back with smash single, "William." Continuing the series surrounding the struggles of an angsty suburban youth, "William" follows a young man in hot pursuit of an unlikely love. 

Drawing inspiration from St. Vincent, Justice and Portugal. The Man, Moontower's sound is packed full of musical moments that make for the kind of listening experience you can really dig into. Hard bass lines drive the energy, which are softened by falsetto vocals and pulsing synth, all the while asking "Instead of running in circles, why don't you get her back?" The single is fresh, it's clean, it's playlist-able, and it'll make you want to violently dance.

The trio consists of USC students Jacob Culver, Tom Carpenter and Devan Welsh and centers largely around visually stimulating live shows. In the past six months, they've crossed the threshold of playing underground college parties to touring around California and even opened for Bad Suns recently–all without releasing music. The themes of suburbia and of life as a young person in the nuclear family appear thematically through their music; a relatable concept for many high schoolers and college students alike. "William" is their debut single available on streaming platforms, and it's definitely worth a listen.

Moontower is set to release more music in the coming year, all of which delivers the same indie/electronic danceability as "William." They have a plethora of upcoming live shows where you can hear their original music live around the LA area–most of which are announced via their Instagram @thisismoontower. Their sound excavates the teenage passion in us all that's been patiently waiting to make an appearance–give "William" a listen yourself and release that inner punk.