Valentina Bridges Diverse Musical Eras with Her Instantly Timeless Debut, “Child”


Valentina is an artist with a talent well beyond her years. The 20-year-old singer and guitar player arrives at her debut single as a well-seasoned veteran in the music scene, having spent the last couple years honing her skills playing showcases throughout her native Los Angeles. Her debut single, "Child," and its accompanying video is an exemplarily display of emotive R&B and blues at its finest.

"Child" finds its strength in how it makes use of its sparse instrumentation, providing a hypnotizing soundscape for Valentina's timeless voice to shine. Opening on a lone guitar and Valentina's enchanting vocals, the mood crafted is one that is nearly indistinguishable from the blues greats the song draws inspiration from. In the same vein as some of the greatest blues classics, "Child" tells the tale of a woman confronting and moving past a relationship. Valentina's heart-wrenching style of crooning lends itself particularly well to this, drawing forth a wellspring of emotion during both the song's most subtle and grand moments.


Valentina was kind enough to share with us the inspiration for "Child,"

"I was with a boy who called himself a man and played with his life in front of me. He took it too far one night, and the next day I wrote this song."

It is rare to see any artist accomplish what Valentina has managed to do with "Child." Valentina has not only made what feels like a phenomenal, breakthrough debut but at the same time has delivered a lasting work that extends far beyond any singular musical era.

Watch the video for "Child" below: