Valentina Stands “10 Feet Tall” in an Empowering and Breathtaking New Video


In a matter of three singles, Valentina has proven herself as an artist completely in her own right. Preceded by "Child" and "Break My Heart," the soulful pop singer returns with an emotive number that retains her timeless sound while venturing into a more pop-minded direction.

Accompanied by a breathtaking music video directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, who also directed Valentina's two previous videos, "10 Feet Tall" is a journey in every sense of the word. Centered around a hypnotic acoustic guitar and Valentina's empowering vocals, "10 Feet Tall" takes us through grand and picturesque landscapes. Cheers to whoever did the location scout on this one. The sweeping natural beauty serves as the perfect backdrop for what is essentially a personal story of triumph through adversity. Valentina was kind enough to share a few words with us on what inspired "10 Feet Tall,"

“I wrote this about the time when I was feeling the smallest and that time pushed me to work the hardest.”

The tale of teenage betrayal takes on a nearly prophetic tone, as Valentina's vocals build and soar into the heavens. Staying true to her words, "I made a decision that day. I'll take over the world, they'll have to hear what I say," we arrive at the Valentina today. This is an artist who no matter what adversity or opposition she faces will push forward in pursuit over delivering her message, a message that just so happens to be wrapped in beautiful soulful vocals.  

Watch the video for "10 Feet Tall" below: