Valentina Transforms Heartbreak Into Art With “Break My Heart”


"Break My Heart" may only be Valentina's second official single to date, but it shines with the refined polish of a profound songwriting talent. We originally praised the 20-year-old Los Angeles native for her phenomenal debut single "Child," and its enchanting vocals and mesmerizing instrumentation that bridge distant musical eras - a clear skill of Valentina's that she hones even further on her sophomore effort.

"Break My Heart" goes beyond a simply beautiful release, literally and figuratively. Accompanying the sophomore release with a striking visual directed, edited, and produced by Marcella Cytrynowicz, the music video plays out like a vintage Wes Anderson film. Cycling through saturated colors palettes, from the brightest of yellow to the deepest of red, it serves as the perfect backdrop for a song that is equally evocative of deep, personal emotions. 

Every spoken word of Valentina's is rife with emotion. As her previous single "Child," and now "Break My Heart," so beautifully demonstrate, the Los Angeles native has a particular gift for transforming matters of the heart into deeply moving sonic prose. With the power of her timeless voice that reaches back to the time of great blues and R&B vocalists before her and her hypnotic guitar playing, Valentina paints a gorgeous portrait of serenity after heartbreak. It is a gift that will undoubtedly take her far.  

On "Break My Heart," Valentina was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"I loved him while the relationship lasted, but afterwards I realized he left me with a lot of good writing material. And I loved that even more."

Watch the video for "Break My Heart" below and be sure not to miss Valentina live this Thursday at Madame Siam