Vallis Alps Perfect Their Signature Dreamy Sound In New EP, ‘Fable’


Vallis Alps has finally released their hugely anticipated sophomore EP, Fable. The Sydney-based duo, comprising vocalist Parissa Tosif and producer David Ansari, landed a viral hit in 2015 with their dreamy electro-anthem, "Young." Fable is a true testament of Vallis Alps' signature sound: colorful, intense and catchy.

The four-song collection adds two new songs to the previously released and already loved singles, "East" and "Fading." The EP opens with "East," an ethereal and fresh track about the realizations of the power and capabilities that young people possess. Taking a leap from "East," "Serity" builds up like a storm. Beginning relatively calm, the track's synths and swinging beat build up until it eventually returns to a tranquil state. "Run" is a bubbly and energetic cut, allowing the duo to showcase its lighter side. The EP closes out with fan favorite, "Fading," a feel-good track with glittery and soothing instrumentation. Vallis Alps, shared,

"The Fable EP takes on a more forward-looking outlook. We wrote it with the intention of conveying a crossroads in life, where you realize the beauty of youth and the lessons it can teach your older self. Each song is a concept that shows a snapshot of where we are in our lives and the things we are currently thinking and learning about; risk, courage, the power of the mind, joy, battling the ego and fear.“

Combined, the four-track EP forms an eclectic yet cohesive body of work. The album cover art by abstract painter, Jennifer Gauthier, provides a truly appropriate portrayal of its content. Every track is a different color or texture in the canvas, but each is an integral piece of the spectacular creation.  

Check out the Fable EP and gorgeous cover art by Jennifer Gauthier below

Amidst their sold-out Australian tour, Vallis Alps will keep the momentum going on with a second run of U.S. shows starting in May and a U.S. festival debut at Lightning In A Bottle. 

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