Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Ebhoni Ask for Forgiveness in “Mercy”


We all know that humans aren't perfect, but we spend a lot of time picking out each other's flaws. Today, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Toronto singer Ebhoni deliver a haunting, yet sexy track that asks they be amended of all their sins. 

Diving into the production, the vocal layering and reverb fill out the song nicely, accented with delays and strong instrumentation. The call and response aspect of the song makes the narrative flow and really feel like you're witnessing a conversation between the two lovers. Toronto artist Ebhoni's voice keeps the lines swift and impactful, with gutting lyrics like, "How long do you think I can do this?" and "You better fix up before you lose this." Tim Bettinson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic's driving force, beckons back, "I'll face all my fears, just save me the tears," but the most heart wrenching part they confess to each other is pondering the question of how long can they survive.

We're all caught between our angels and demons, but Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Ebhoni remind us that showing each other mercy can put us on the path to redemption. “Mercy" brings all the vibes for a moody and mellow track that vividly depicts scenes of false hope and yearning for true companionship.

2018 has kept Vancouver Sleep Clinic on the grind with back to back tours performing across Europe, Asia and his home country of Australia. He will join his American fans soon when VSC heads out to support KASBO on the "Places We Don't Know Tour."

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