Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Raury Team Up to Deliver Ambient & Experimental “Vixen”


Hailing from Brisbane Australia, Vancouver Sleep Clinic delivers his newest track, "Vixen." Teaming up with eclectic soul artist, Raury, "Vixen" is very-much an experimental track that's been soaked in romantic contemplation. As a second collaboration that follows their 2014 "Superfly," this new track doesn't fail to show the two's vocal compatibilities as they pair so harmoniously together. Tim Bettinson, the man behind Vancouver Sleep Clinic, explains: 

"Raury was playing in my hometown Brisbane with A$AP Rocky, and one night after his show we crept into my little bedroom studio in my family’s house at 2am and started recording what turned into 'Vixen.' The whole thing happened super organically and we tracked almost everything in the first take or two! It’s a lighter vibe that gives our take on the confusing nature of young love."

Having spent the last year in label purgatory, Vancouver Sleep Clinic is now embracing his independence and slowly easing his way into 2018 with a slew of exciting releases. The first of which, "Closure" featuring Drew Love of THEY., is another highly hypnotizing and ambient release. "Vixen" quickly followed suit to uncover the paradoxical effects of love. Along with the release is a simple and calming video encapsulating a symmetric pool in ambient lavender lighting. Float along with the music below as "Vixen" carefully caresses you: