Vancouver’s So Loki Pulls Off the Greatest Heist in “Elephant Man” Video


Vancouver's best-kept secret So Loki returns with a new music video for their explosive breakout single "Elephant Man," from 2018's Planet Bando.

Comprised of producer Geoff Millar and rapper Sam Lucia, So Loki has amassed a cult following in Vancouver in the early stages of their career. The duo began making waves with their full-length debut album, Shine, in 2017 and has since followed up with their new EP, Planet Bando. The sophomore effort is composed of six hard-hitting tracks, displaying Lucia's confident aggression on the mic and Millar's ability to craft electronic and experimental instrumentals. Millar's use of trap drums and a swelling trombone line under Lucia's catchy rhymes can turn the smallest venue into the most festive evening full of lively mosh pits and passionate chanting.

Lucia shared on the making of the "Elephant Man," 

"If you watch closely, you'll notice that certain people are wearing stockings over their heads. So…. You know who's really thieving. As far as the project itself, this video marks the end of 'Planet Bando' 1 but we're already wrapping up on 'Planet Bando 2.'"

Directed by Steve Kim and Jevan Crittenden, the video begins with Lucia running into a bank, wearing an American flag printed windbreaker. Lucia dashes from the bank with a briefcase overflowing with cash, where he finds Millar waiting for him in their getaway Honda Civic. The duo then celebrates their haul, dancing and flexing their Benjamins to the camera. Once the two have had their fun, they figure it's time to set the money aflame. It's a simple video that hints at a deeper meaning, all while highlighting the duo's exuberant charisma and their team's exquisite videography.

Watch the video for "Elephant Man" below: