Vasser is Genreless and Fearless in His Self-Titled EP

Twenty-year-old Vasser has finally released his long-awaited self-titled EP. A writer, singer, and producer from Tunbridge Wells, Kent does not subscribe to a certain genre but continues to be influenced by a vast many of them. The British musician shows his natural disposition towards production, as each element that decorates his tracks are effortlessly integrated to grand effect. With the freedom and isolation that internet and technology allow him, Vasser continues to create spectacularly unique sonic works. 

Taking a look at the Vasser EP as a whole, each song works perfectly as a standalone track while still retaining an overall sense of cohesion. "Valerian," released earlier this year, gives the EP a running start. It is an upbeat introduction adorned with shimmering synths, yet its conclusion bursts forward with a foundation of bass and disguised wind chimes. The two previously unheard tracks, "Blind Faith Talking" and "Nearby," are where Vasser shows off his gorgeous falsetto and starts to show a more vulnerable side to his production. This shift in production allows his voice to take the forefront, but still showcases the producing acumen that allows him to draw comparisons to artists like James Blake and Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Vasser fearlessly tackles the coming landscape of genreless music in such a way that we simply cannot wait for what the young artist will do next. 

Listen to the Vasser EP below: