Vera Merges The Past and Future Impeccably in “Falling”


Music is inherently forward-thinking. Artists constantly strive to invent new ranges of sound and evolving technology matches this desire, allowing for greater modes of expression, yet sometimes the most beautiful bouts of musical ingenious arise from the pairing of this yearning for novelty with nostalgic sentiments. Vera performs this very bout of musical genius in "Falling."

The Copenhagen artist and producer has slowly been making a name for himself, producing for buzzworthy Copenhagen acts such as Off Bloom and Liss, not to mention currently being busy at work in the studio with MØ. Already a well-established producer in Copenhagen, Vera seems poised to establish himself on a larger scale as an artist in his own right with the intimate and enticing "Falling." On how "Falling" came to be Vera expressed,

"These are artists my parents listened to when I was growing up - all the albums had such an intimate vibe which is what I had in mind when I wrote 'Falling.' I guess I see it at as my interpretation of the music my parents were dancing to when I was a kid."

Vera seamlessly accomplishes this desire of merging a past world with our own, as Okay Kaya's mellow and carefree vocals flutter across a timeless soundscape. Pairing warm acoustic guitar strumming with modern hints of electronic production, Vera has managed to create something that does not belong to any particular point in time, existing in a time simultaneously belonging to the past and future. Additionally, the flourishes of bossa nova and modern production ultimately achieve a feat that is difficult for most producers, making electronic music feel warm and inviting. If "Falling" is any indication of Vera's ability as an artist, we are sure to hear a lot more of and from Vera in the future.

Stream the timeless "Falling" below: