VIDEO PREMIERE: Drift Through a Mesmerizing Sea of Color in Lincoln Jesser’s “Thinking of You”


Lincoln Jesser’s latest video for “Thinking of You” sends you floating into a kaleidoscope dream of bright hues overlapping blooming flowers and swelling waves. If Jesser’s mellifluous, colorful sound could be put into a machine that somehow transformed sound to sight, it would surely spit out similar flowing visuals. The video is evidence of the extent of his artistry, branching out past his creation of indie electronic music to create the video with his sister.

He expanded on the visual’s creation, 

“We were hanging out in the desert for a weekend and got inspired discussing cyclical thinking and the dangers of romanticising the past, so we tried to create an expression of those experiences. We kind of went at the editing like I approach music production, cutting and mixing and filtering on intuition. At the end of the burst, I felt like we had struck on something vulnerable and real.”

Jesser was discovered his freshman year at UCLA by CEO of Indie-Pop Ben Willis, after turning down acceptance into Yale in order to relocate to Los Angeles. Inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, The Strokes, and The Killers, he has steadily released his entrancing tunes while still producing for other artists.

The fluent rhythm of Jesser’s inviting instrumentals take his fans on a journey and now you can see his music come to life in the “Thinking of You”’ video. Float away into the vivid display of chromatic visuals by clicking below: