VIDEO PREMIERE: Escape Into a Cosmic Dreamland With Fleurie’s New Video for “Constellate”


One listen to Fleurie's latest track "Constellate," and it feels hard to believe that the artist who gracefully sings the lilting melody with such ease is the same person who almost opted for design school out of fear that she wouldn't make it in the music industry. Luckily for Fleurie's career and for our ears, she chose instead to study music at Hillsong College in Sydney, Australia and hasn't looked back since. After relocating to Nashville, releasing three EPs, and having her music featured in several movies and TV shows, Fleurie is back again with a new music video to accompany this month's earlier release of "Constellate."

Fleurie shared a bit about the personal meaning and inspiration behind the song and video:

"It's a story about love and a relationship that allowed me to believe and hope and dream again. I wrote the video storyline with my friend, animator Trea Bailey, as a metaphor for losing touch with the person you most want and need to be close to, and the way true love always finds a way to bridge the distance."

Fleurie wrote the song at the start of 2017 and wanted it to convey a message of hope and optimism after a very chaotic year. The animated video fits the mystical, elegant feel of the song with its lighthearted depiction of a relationship that provides refuge from life's adversities. The airy, dream-like vocals are matched with cosmic imagery that steps away from reality and represents the comfortable escape that love can give you.

The song is both a pleasant escape and an awakening of sleeping emotions, and a similar dreamy feel can be expected on her upcoming album. Watch the music video for "Constellate" here: