VIDEO PREMIERE: Francesca Milazzo- “Ghosting Me” Unplugged Session

Nothing burns quite as harshly as deep-seated criticism delivered through a sweetly serenading voice. The pure irony is enough to incite a full re-evaluation of life's purpose. Italian-American singer and songwriter Francesca Milazzo triumphs in such irony with her debut single "Ghosting Me," and Ones To Watch has your first look at the unplugged live session today.

The track employs a range of Milazzo's personal influences, from Nina Simone to Diana Ross to Alabama Shakes, leaving her own music in an undefined space between pop, soul, and bluesy rock. Whether it refers to friendships or romance, her lyrics tackle the universal struggles of relationships that sadly fade out due to one reason or another. In the intimate "Ghosting Me" session, Milazzo croons smoothly with acoustic bass and guitar accompaniment, plus three back-up singers who aid in her defeat of the man who became a "poltergeist." She added,

"'Ghosting Me' is a song that came about after I drifted apart from some people. My best friend and I were talking about the subject, and I was compelled to write about how it made me feel. I wanted to do a live/unplugged version of the song because I didn’t initially intend for it to be a dance record. It’s interesting to see how a song can translate differently through live a performance."

The video attests to Francesca Milazzo's natural vocal prowess and shows great promise for what's to come for the budding songstress. Keep up with her for more to come.